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Powell + Pressburger

A Matter of Life and Death

Sunday 26th November 2023 at 3pm

Event Details

Powell + Pressburger » A Matter of Life and Death
Sunday 26th November 2023
Certificate U
This event has finished.

Powell & Pressburger’s classic fantasy romance, vividly restored in 4K.

A chance to catch the magical romantic wartime drama in the comfort of the Silver Screen Cinema – David Niven plays a British airman who survives a plane crash and falls in love with an American radio operator (Kim Hunter), only to be summoned to the afterlife by a heavenly ‘Conductor’. But is heaven just a hallucination?

This film had a short introduction from Phil Foxwood of Golden Arrow and Rhidian Davis of the BFI, and was screening as part of the Powell + Pressburger film season taking place from October to December across venues in Folkestone.  Find out more at PPFolkestone.co.uk.

A Matter of Life and Death

"Neither Heaven nor Earth could keep them apart!"

  • Directed by

    Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger

  • Starring

    David Niven, Kim Hunter, Robert Coote

  • Genre

    Drama, Fantasy, Romance

  • Details

    UK • 1946 • 104 mins

  • Certificate


During WWII, Peter Carter – a doomed RAF pilot in a burning plane over the English Channel – has a final conversation with June, a USAAF radio operator, before bailing out without a parachute to his certain death. He is bewildered to wake up on a beach, completely unharmed, and later meets and falls in love with June. Meanwhile, in the afterlife a mistake has been made; Peter should have died, so plans are set in motion to decide his fate.

Cinema Unbound: The Creative Worlds of Powell + Pressburger

Taking place from October – December 2023, Cinema Unbound: The Creative Worlds of Powell + Pressburger is a UK-wide film celebration of one of the greatest and most enduring filmmaking partnerships in the history of cinema: Michael Powell (1905 to 1990) and Emeric Pressburger (1902 to 1988), best known for iconic films including The Red Shoes (1948), A Matter of Life and Death (1946) and Black Narcissus

Powell + Pressburger is showing at the Silver Screen Cinema with support of the BFI, awarding funds from The National Lottery.