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Folkestone Documentary Festival

Your Fat Friend + Q&A

Thursday 19th October 2023 at 8pm

Event Details

Folkestone Documentary Festival 2023 » Your Fat Friend + Q&A
Thursday 19th October 2023
Certificate 12A
This event has finished.

The opening night feature documentary Your Fat Friend followed by a post-film Q&A with director Jeanie Finlay.

Your Fat Friend

A film about fatness, family, the complexities of making change and the deep, messy feelings we hold about our bodies.

  • Directed by

    Jeanie Finlay

  • Starring

    Aubrey Gordon

  • Genre


  • Details

    UK/USA • 2023 • 96 mins

  • Certificate


Made over 6 years, director Jeanie Finlay charts the rise of Aubrey Gordon, from anonymous blogger writing with candour and humour as “Your Fat Friend”  to NYTimes best-seller and beloved podcaster, talking about what it means to be a very fat woman in the world. Her aim? Bringing about a paradigm shift in the way that we view and treat fat people.

This isn’t about “body positivity” co-opted by brands to sell fat-kinis to size 16 women, it’s about bringing about a paradigm shift in the way that we treat fat people and the fat on our own bodies. It has brought her an insatiable worldwide audience, and threats to her life.

YOUR FAT FRIEND, finding a place in the world when you don’t quite fit.

Folkestone Documentary Festival

Welcome to the third edition of the Folkestone Documentary Festival. Come to the Kent seaside for a weekend of documentary films, discussions, walks and parties. The festival celebrates documentary filmmaking in all its forms, from social issues to culture to the environment and nature, or just great real stories, with community collaborations at the heart of programming.

For more information, visit folkestonedocumentaryfestival.co.uk.

Seat Dimensions Information

Single Seats

  • Backrest width 50cm, height 50cm
  • Width between armrests: 44cm
  • Seat base width 44cm, depth 42cm, height from ground 42cm

Double Seats (back row of balcony)

  • Backrest width 100cm, height 52cm
  • Width between armrests: 93cm
  • Seat base width 93cm, depth 45cm, height from ground 50cm

Measurements will vary slightly seat to seat due to the age & positioning.

Balcony seats will have less legroom (excluding double seats at back and A12, A13 & A13 on front row) than stalls seats. Stalls seats have most legroom on rows J & A.

General information on accessibility is available here.